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Email...after all we must communicate!
Even if you haven't launched a corporate Web site yet, WorldNet Mail Corporate is a great way to personalize your company's e-mail addresses. After registering your domain name, you can establish 20 or more custom POP3/IMAP4 e-mail addresses for departments or employees starting at US$ 75.00/month.  SSL encryption is also available with the WorldNet Mail Corporate package for an additional US$35/month. 

Registering or Transferring your Domain name to WorldNet Concepts Ltd., and choosing our WorldNet Mail Corporate package will give you 20 POP3 e-mail address and a free Web administration page.

Having an e-mail address at your domain name vs. at your access provider ( vs. will help your company and your employees obtain the recognition you need to succeed.

WorldNet Mail Corporate is POP3/IMAP4/WEB e-mail based.
WorldNet Mail Corporate is extremely flexible product in that you can access your e-mail using your favorite e-mail software (Microsoft™ Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc.), or your favourite web browser.

WorldNet Mail Corporate also offers 20 password protected e-mail boxes.
Now, everyone in your office or family can have an e-mail box, or you can create multiple e-mail address like (sales, support, returns) and have them forwarded to your mail e-mail account.

WorldNet Mail Corporate includes a free Web administration page.
You can configure your e-mail domain account via a convenient web interface.

WorldNet Mail Corporate offers Unlimited aliases, forwards and autoresponders.
Get creative! You can create an automated response to an e-mail that will send a standard response (ie. store hours) which will automatically send an e-mail with your pre-written response.

Take the first step here:

  • To open a new account with a new domain name.
  • To upgrade your current WorldNet Mail or Domain Registration account, please contact your Sales Representative at


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